About Pratham

Pratham Tax Solutions Private Limited is a company formed with the objective of providing User friendly Tax Solutions for different participants of Industry.

Currently Pratham is developing a solution for GST to be rolled out in India in 2017. Pratham GST is the solution to perform Tax Calculations and prepare information for the different compliances and returns to be filled in on monthly basis.

Our leadership team has right mixture of domain knowledge and excellent experience on technology. This blend of domain and technology has resulted into user friendly solution with capability to handle complex business process and calculations.

Pratham is confident that the proposed solutions developed by Pratham team would be integral part of business processes of our customer and should help to achieve 1st time accurate result with speed.

Why Pratham?

Deep Understanding on Domain and Technology - Pratham has deep understanding of domain and excellent experience in technology. It has used its domain and technical experience to convert complex business rules and requirements into User friendly solution.

Best in Class Solution – Our Emphasis on Quality. Our solution would provide 1st time accurate results with speed.

Quicker Adaptation to Changes – The solution framework is designed to handle the day to today changes in the related laws and compliance rules. These changes would be built in the solution with quick turnaround time.

Cost Competitive Solution – The solution offers the competitive price and would prove to be value for money for our esteemed customers

Our Mission

  • Best In class Solution with continuous improvement

  • To create user friendly solutions in taxation field. This would include Direct and Indirect taxes.

  • Our aim to deliver best in class solution to our customers. These solutions should be integral part of the customer business process and should be rightly priced to provide value for money to our esteemed customers. We plan to leverage our domain and technical expertize to create long-term value for our customers.

  • People Friendly and Conducive Environment for Growth

  • We intend to create a team of our employees with commitment for excellence and establish a disciplined management process. This together will help us to drive sustained competitive advantage in a dynamic global market. Our success by developing industry-leading solutions, by investing globally in people and technology will deliver results for our customers and growth and professional satisfaction to our team.